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Focus on the Journey, not the Destination.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. -Greg Anderson That is crappy advice. Cause sometimes the journey SUCKS. Case in point: Gathering supplies for an industrial chandelier project in mid January in Canada without a car. This is how our weekend went: Friday after work I took...
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Wood Paneled Peninsula

My least favourite part of the kitchen used to be the peninsula. It was short and stubby, too small to use as a prep space and looked awkward. I had originally hoped to build the peninsula deeper to house a beverage fridge and get full counter depth cupboards & drawers. However it became apparent that to...
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2014 DIY Goals

We didn't fall on our asses completely with our 2013 DIY goals, but I'd like to do even better this year. This year my goal is to not fall on my ass. Likelihood of success: slim to none. Well there you have it, list done, I'm going back to bed. Oh... about those...
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