New Site Design

Notice anything new round here? My hair you say? How great my ass looks  in these jeans? Why shucks, you are too kind, but I was talking about the site design. It's been a while in the making, but we finally have a responsive site! For those of you visiting on a mobile device or tablet, things...
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Ode to Odin

I've come to realize that one of the biggest reasons people follow me on Instagram is for pics of our dog, Odin. They don't like my selfies (shocking) or my food and party pics. They barely tolerate my home decor. BUT upload a pic of Odin,...
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Our weekend pergola build is finished! AND it only took us a month.

Well technically it took us two afternoons, they just happened to be a month apart. Why did a weekend project turn into a month long ordeal? Life. Weather. Summer. Family. Motorcycles. Friends. Birthdays. Fun. Oh and new tools. Life took over as a...
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The Man Behind the Name: El Granto

When selecting a title for a blog post I like to score it on the Morgan Freeman scale. What's that you ask? It's how good the title sounds when read aloud in my mock Morgan Freeman voice. You know, the movie voice of God? Some post titles just can't possibly score well. "DIY Concrete Table"...
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