SMARTWALL Installation

You may have been wondering what the big panels stacked up in our dining room were. Well those my friends have turned into a [more…]

Concrete Countertops – The Reveal

Thanks guys for sticking with us through five yes FIVE posts on concrete countertops. The thing is, this project was BIG. Even with five [more…]

Farmhouse Table Reveal + Plans

Aaaaand were done! Daniel and Adelle moved into their new place and took their newly finished modern farmhouse table and benches with them. Mind [more…]

Printmakers Media Cabinet – The Reveal

Its been six weekends of hard work, but we finally reached the final stretch of the printmakers media cabinet project. This is where we [more…]

DIY Pipe & Wood Table Pt 2

****UPDATE**** Check out our revised version of the Pipe & Wood Table If you missed it, we built a Wood & Pipe Dining Table, [more…]

Guest Room Board & Batten How To

It was time to add some charm to our guest bedroom in the form of board & batten on the walls & some new [more…]

DIY Bedside Tables

I have been scoping around Craigslist and local antique stores for the last couple weeks trying to find some tables to turn into bedside [more…]

DIY Iron & Rope Mirror

I love love love Restoration Hardware’s Iron & Rope mirror, but I could in no way afford it’s $650 price tag (sad face). Apartment [more…]

From Billy to Built-Ins

Our house is a three bedroom, two large bedrooms and one smaller. The smaller is of course the best choice for either an office [more…]

DIY Pallet Crates

If you have been being a good boy or girl, you will have read my Project Office post and you will know I have [more…]

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  • Day 13

    Grass (& Clover) Watch 2014

    Watching grass grow isn’t the most interesting topic in blog land, but hey, at least it’s not another mason jar project. I debated posting about our clover and grass lawn progress, but when I was trying to find info online, it was sparse and sketchy (just like my lawn!) So you get a thoroughly riveting

  • Pull the canvas tight on one side and the corner, start folding the canvas into the other side.

    Stretching A Photo Canvas

    This post is brought to you by Signazon.   We love our house, and have spent a lot of time making it “us”. Renovating, decorating, and a whole lot of paint have put our touch on our home. Except if you walked into our house, you wouldn’t know who lived there. No really, there’s not

  • 925579_1485030145070641_1694096998_n

    Pergola Progress

    Not quite sure where this week went. Last time I checked it was somewhere around Tuesday, and then BAM! Friday! Hey, I’m not complaining, but I sure do wish I got more accomplished around the house this week. Here is what we’ve been up to. The pergola started creeping off paper and into fruition. We

  • moisturemadnessmikekg

    The Time Mike Holmes Fixed our House

    I completely missed our Blog Anniversary last week! On July 5th, we officially turned two! I had plans of a whole Blogaversary week with my fave stuff, behind the scenes etc, but heck, summer happened, and so did work in our backyard. However, I will give you one flash back post! I was talking to

  • Trough filled with large river rock

    Sore Muscles & Dirt

    The pathway & lawn are done. I may have killed El Granto in the process, but they’re done. No really, El Granto is a wreck. I think the sheer amount of sunlight, heat & heavy lifting was too much for the poor Englishman. He’s got a bit of heat exhaustion, and is spending the day

  • 10547337_1458610774387318_1706249480_n

    Bring It, Weekend!

    I am counting down the minutes to the weekend. This one is going to be EPIC. We have El Granto’s Mum’s SUV and a very long to-do list. When I say very long, I really mean it. We’ve started tracking our home to-do list, broken down into tasks on a project manager website called Trello.

  • photo 3(2)

    Wood Stained Wine Glass Holder

    I received a sample in the mail the other day from Minwax. It included a couple packages of their wood finishing cloths, and a small piece of wood. At first glance the wood looked like an artists palette. After a closer look, I realized it was not an artists palette, it was a wine bottle

  • 10471914_335622436595149_424618781_n

    Backyard Progress Report

    While I don’t yet have a stunning after shot of the backyard, we are making some progress! Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks: We painted the back of the Storefront. This was a bigger task than you’d think, after scraping, caulking, priming, and two coats of paint, only painting in mornings

  • photo 2(15)

    Removing Great Stuff Spray Foam From Hair/Dog Fur.

    Having a dog is akin to having a gaggle of small children. You turn your back for one second, and they can manage to ruin more stuff than the Tasmanian Devil. Enter last weekend, when on a whirlwind (pun intended) of home maintenance, I was using Great Stuff expanding foam to fill in some holes

  • photo 4(9)

    Leaded Glass Storefront Window

    Almost two years ago, I started adding lead strips to the storefront transom windows, to create a faux leaded glass effect. I ran out of lead when I was halfway through, leaving one window unfinished. El Granto even purchased me a new roll of  lead last summer, but I had yet to get around to