The garage is a black hole

Our garage is like an old comfortable pair of shoes. Well worn, often used, but not well cared for, and not very pretty. The garage is where things get built, tools and motorcycles get stored, and where things that have no place in the house go to die. Oh and everything is covered with a solid layer of sawdust and/or cobwebs. I’m painting quite the picture, aren’t I? After two renos, and copious amounts of projects, our poor garage was really in a sad state.



We had officially reached the “shut the door and pretend it doesn’t exist” stage when Home Depot reached out and asked if we’d like their help organizing our garage with some pretty sweet Husky products. How did they know? Who tattled on us?! We obviously had to say yes, because the next person who would offer to help would clearly be the tv show Hoarders. Now we had a reason to break out the shop vac, make some trips to the dump, and finally organize the garage.


Let’s discuss for a minute some of the things we discovered:

  • 6 buckets of paint from the Reno BEFORE we bought the Storefront, that the previous owner left in the garage. Paint of the old exterior house colour, the guest room two paint colours ago, the grout and paint from our kitchen pre-reno, and a myriad of paint cans we have no idea where they came from!
  • Exterior concrete patio sealer?! We have no concrete floors or patio…
  • Cans upon cans of spray paint
  • Boxes upon boxes for tools (okay this one needs discussing, apparently people save boxes for tools and electronics for resale purposes? We had a months worth of recycling just in tool boxes in the garage! We piled everything up, and those boxes and styrofoam took up 1/5 of the garage! They had to go)
  • Scrap wood. Not the good off cuts, I’m talking bags and bags of useless wood.
  • Our old kitchen countertops.
  • The offcuts from our fence!
  • So. Many. Boob. Lights.
  • Three garden hoses.
  • All the DRIcore SMARTWALL offcuts from the basement.
  • Several hundred bricks (200 of which we gave away for free on kijiji)
  • So much random crap that had no where else to live, so it got unceremoniously dumped in the garage.


So we cleaned, and filled the car, and went to the dump, and came back and did it all again. In total we took three trips to the dump and one trip to the Peek Freans factory that is close to the dump. Cheap cookies and giant bags of Swedish Berries FTW!

Oh and in the midst of this, they delivered all the cabinets, so we moved those around the garage as we cleared and assembled.


Wow, thats a full garage!



 This is just a sneak peek at the progress, check back soon for the full reveal!

Author: El Granto

El Granto is Kristen's devoted husband. When he's not listening to what she tells him to do he's a motorcycle maniac and an avid beer, whiskey and cigar connoisseur.

One thought on “The garage is a black hole”

  1. I so feel this… we don’t have a garage, but have a giant 14×14 back yard shed… and I have to put all my body weight against the door just to get it locked. LOL Hoping your reveal motivates us to get that space in working order! (And Swedish Berries are my weakness… definitely!)

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