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Renovation Stress

Generally our projects tend to go fairly smoothly. We plan and prep a ton, and usually stay on budget and don't have many delays. However, it's not always sunshine and roses. We too can be plagued with reno stress and generally a whole lot of crap that doesn't go right. This weekend the basement project fell...
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Blogaversary – The Truth

So its official, we've been blogging for a whole year and over 200 posts! I know, time flies! Our Blogaversary also happens to fall on our summer vacation. So although we'll be taking a break from the blog for a week of sun and fun, we will have a few new things to share with...
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Staining Fail

Saturday a load of lumber was purchased from the lumber yard, and trip was made to the hardware store for supplies. Sunday was spent cutting, gluing, screwing, sanding and culminated with applying the first coat of stain on our current project. I let the stain soak in, then wiped it off. This is what I saw: [caption...
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Underestimating the Task

One of my faults is that I am a bit of a dreamer. El Granto is the realist, and I have my head perpetually stuck in the clouds. I think we can do anything we put our minds to (within reason). I will research the hell out of things, and have confidence I can do...
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Craft Fail

Have you checked out Craft Fail yet? It's great, it chronicles peoples adventures epic screw-up's in crafting/DIYing/cooking things they found on internet tutorials. As you may know by now, I often get an idea in my head and insist on trying it out. (Like when I Read More