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After hours of organizing, cleaning, dump runs, and squealing like a little girl when finding cobwebs and/or spiders in my hair, the garage is finally done! If you’re catching up, we paired up with Home Depot and Husky to turn our garage from a woodworking & motorcycle tool disaster area, into an organized useful garage. You can check out the before post here, but here is a peek at how epic a disaster it was. (Complete with bikini girls with motorcycles, because…garage.)

Garage BeforeGarage Bookshelf Before

We were using an old bookcase & workbench to try to hold and store everything. Tools where haphazardly strewn about, chargers were no where to be found, and screws, tape, nails & other necessary accoutrements where thrown into a pile. Everything was then covered in a nice thick layer of sawdust.

It all got taken out, organized, purged and cleaned.


We then moved in and installed a whole lot of cabinets to house it all, reorganized everything and put it all away. The end result is night and day from where we started. We can find the tools were looking for, and have enough space to actually use them!

Drumroll please…..

Here is our new garage!

IMG_8100_web IMG_8051_web IMG_8107_webIMG_8036_webIMG_8033_web

We used two six foot tall lockers as I call them, which are deep, sturdy and can hold all our tools, big and small. They even have holes in the back to allow power to come through to charge your batteries. We used one cabinet for exclusively tools, and the other for bins of fasteners, tape, rags, gloves, glue, dowels & biscuits, and anything else that you need all the time, but can never find.


We then installed a huge work bench. More workspace is something we have been desperate for. Our current bench always has big tools on it, so you can never use it to glue up pieces, or assemble anything. This bench will be tool free and used for designing, building & finishing. It’s made of a nice thick wood top and heavy duty metal base.


Under the bench we slid in tool cabinet with drawers replacing our small tool chest. It gives easy access to our hand-tool collection, and allows us to get wrenches out of their cases, and be much more easily accessible.


Beside the tool cabinet, there lives a doored cabinet housing a myriad of spray paint & other aerosol cans. Why do we have 5 cans of spray adhesive? Because we could never find it before, and just bought new cans…


Above the bench went two doored wall cabinets, which house things like motorcycle battery tenders, motorcycle manuals, woodworking patterns, drafting paper, glue etc.


We also installed a quick and easy DIY peg board above the bench to house often accessed tools like pencils, hammers, screw drivers & wrenches. A detailed how to post to follow on the peg board.

All told, this project took us three weekends of solid work (not so bad for a 10 month pregnant lady and a guy with a broken thumb and elbow!), plus several weeknights interspersed between getting things ready for baby, and well, having a baby! BTW, things really go off the rails when you have a baby, suddenly an hour task takes you days weeks to complete!

What do you think of our new organized garage? I cant wait to get out there building things. El Granto has already started making some wooden teething rings for the baby (he better not start teething any time soon…)



Disclosure: Home Depot and Husky sponsored this project, but all opinions are our own!

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

11 thoughts on “Garage Reveal”

  1. I would like to know if the 2 drawer base cabinet and the 4 drawer base cabinet are the same height without the adjustable feet installed? As I am interested in a similar setup but I would like my base cabinets to have casters instead of the feet.

  2. Well this is one of the best designed garage I’ve seen in a while, I love the way how those spanners are arranged along with those sleek looking cabinets in black.

    I’m amazed of how much drills you have.

  3. Your garage looks awesome! My garage looks like your before picture with tools and sadly, car parts. We need an overhaul. I think there should be a show of overhauling garages instead of cars. I am so jealous. Congratulations on a job well done, and your new little addition.

  4. That workshop before! ouch!
    After it all looks great though 🙂 So nice and organized! Keep us posted as to how it all holds up over time.

  5. Looks amazing! Funny how quickly horizontal surfaces get cluttered and useless to work on, hey? Truth: I have 2 stacked black Husky drawer organizers on wheels IN MY KITCHEN because it finally allowed me to keep general tools I use in the house constantly at hand. Plus guests always comment on how “serious” I must be about renos, so bonus! The Huskys are really well made and sometimes the drawer sets go on sale at Home Depot. Can’t say enough good things except… congrats on the baby, too! And thanks for the post. Looking forward to any projects you can manage with your new family. 🙂

    1. Okay now that’s a great idea! I am always running out to the garage for tools, or worse, searching the house when I can’t find something (I’m talking to you Philips head screwdrivers….they’re like the lost socks of tools).

  6. Kristen, I have total garage envy! Ours is in major need of an overhaul, especially after our main floor renovation. I’ve been working on a bunch of painting projects out there, but when I’m done, we plan on tackling ours too. Love how organized yours looks. Congrats on baby btw!

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