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Running Bond Pattern

Thanks for all your opinions and help on subway tile last week!

If you follow us on Instagram, you will have seen a little flurry of progress.

We weighted all our options, and decided to stick with our gut instinct and do a brick (or running bond) layout. I think what swayed our decision the most was that we would only have 18″ of tile total, and three inches of that would be covered by our under counter lighting molding. So 15″ wasn’t a lot of room to do a busy patterned backslash.

Tile Supplies
Tile Supplies
Running Bond Pattern
Running Bond Pattern

As for grout, we also decided to stick to a pretty traditional choice an go with gray. We picked out “Delorean Gray” and got it home only to look at it under our (bright!) under counter lighting, and decide it was too light.

Back to the store I went, and came back with Pewter gray. After mixing up a batch we both sighed with relief at how much we liked the color.

Pewter Grout
Pewter Grout

It looked good in the bucket, but how about on the walls?

Pewter = Perfect
Pewter = Perfect!

We are still working away on the backsplash. The main part of the kitchen is tiled and grouted, but the coffee bar is still naked. Hopefully we can make some more progress on it this weekend!

What are you working on this weekend? Any tiling projects planned?

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

5 thoughts on “Tile Update”

  1. Hey there! I’m in the same boat right now with choosing a dark grout for our white subway tile. What brand grout did you use because it seems that several different brands use the same names and they vary dramatically in color/ tone. Thanks!!

      1. So I finally got around to the cover panels a few months ago.

        My previous experiences with Home Depot wood cutting was pretty bad (poor accuracy, not straight cuts). I was thinking Lowes or Rona, but HD is just around the corner from me. I bit the bullet and just did it. Turns out the dude who did the cuts did them perfectly.

        After reading online about colour matching with Benjamin Moore, I realized that I have Ikea Abstrakt White not Ikea Adel White. A google search told me Benjamin Moore Simply White. I kept an eye on Red Flag Deals for Sherwin Williams paint sale.

        With the cover panels so large, I shoulda used clamps to eliminate the natural bend, but it turned out pretty good.

        Now I have to choose a countertop. I have a fetish for bianco carrara marble, but Aubrey& Lindsay’s blog is helping me choose some sort of quartz. It’s just unfortunate that marble is actually really cheap compared to quartz

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