New Adventures

Every blog in the blogging universe seems to be hitting publish on a big 2015 goals, recaps, hopes & dreams post etc. I’m not really a resolution kinda person, so that sort of a post was out of the question, but I have taken a good hard look at blogging, and I intend to make some changes around here in the coming year.


But the biggest change of all, is coming career wise.


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That Time I Won a Dyson

This past weekend was the Blog Podium blogging conference in Toronto. It was my first blogging conference, and to say it was a whirlwind is a grave understatement. I met so many awesome people, got to put real faces to twitter profile pics, and learn one hell of a lot about blogging.

The conference was a mix of keynote speakers, workshops, sessions and round tables. There were celebrity sightings (Bryan Baeumler at the DRIcore booth, and Scott McGillivray as a speaker). Copious amounts of coffee consumed, so much talking and learning, and then at the end of the event this happened: Continue reading “That Time I Won a Dyson”

Use the Guest Towels

I’ve fallen into the blogger grass is greener trap as of late. The one I swore up and down never to fall into. I’ve been captive to the Instagram feeds full of blogtrips and the twitter posts about amazing opportunities. Wistful and finding myself mumbling childishly “why don’t I get to go”.  While so  incredibly happy for my fellow bloggers, I still had that niggling of insecurity in the pit of my stomach. The why does everything good happen to other people, and I’m, not good enough thoughts.

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