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I’ve fallen into the blogger grass is greener trap as of late. The one I swore up and down never to fall into. I’ve been captive to the Instagram feeds full of blogtrips and the twitter posts about amazing opportunities. Wistful and finding myself mumbling childishly “why don’t I get to go”.  While so  incredibly happy for my fellow bloggers, I still had that niggling of insecurity in the pit of my stomach. The why does everything good happen to other people, and I’m, not good enough thoughts.


WOW. I’ve really started taking blogging too seriously. I never started this blog as any sort of business, I just wanted to share with you what we’ve been working on.  When then, did I start worrying about pageviews and unique monthly visitors? I just did this to build. To make. To create, and most of all, to make our house storefront a home.

This past weekend I spent two great days with El Granto’s family celebrating some big family milestones, then ended the weekend getting some really bad news about a loved one.

Love, joy, happiness, sadness, fear and dread. I felt all of those in one weekend. It made things come into focus, and really put perspective to my past weeks worries about not being a good enough blogger.

I took myself away, to my special place (aka a hot bath and a chick lit novel). I spent a good 45 minutes going from very hot water to I really need to get out before I get frost bite water. All the time thinking about the life, the universe and everything. *

Upon getting out of my (now tepid) bath, I reached not for my grey Ikea bath sheet, but instead the big plush white guest towels. You know them. The so pristine you barely even look at them, only to get them out of the linen cabinet and fold them in pretty little stacks to be placed expertly on the guest room dresser just before house guests arrive towels. Yes THOSE towels. I grabbed one and wrapped myself head to toe knee in cottony lusciousness. It was amazing. The towel felt like a great big hug from a cloud. A soft warm embrace soothing my soul.

Guys. Life is too short to waste on jealousy, greed and any sort of comparing yourself to others.

Use the effing guest towels and enjoy the moment.

xox Kristen


*yes, you caught me using one of El Granto’s favourite sayings, from the Hitchhikers Guide. It’s amazing how living with someone for so long, you being to use their isms without thinking anything of it. I even caught myself discussing GTA 5 in the office kitchen the other day with a co-worker. Me, chatting about video game car crashes and virtual strip clubs. Next thing you know I will be Minecrafting.

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

10 thoughts on “Use the Guest Towels”

  1. Well, this is a big one for me too. I wrote a post about it a while back, when I was hit with blogger envy in the middle of a crazy over the top FREE holiday that would have anyone in their right mind bursting with gratitude every second. But, no, I got on instagram and saw some great stuff and felt that horrible feeling – “why not me?” It’s like I’m still 5. I really envy people that truly see their life with gratitude. So I’m envious of people being not envious!!! Lordy, I think I need to work hard on this. Starting with the guest towels 😉 Here’s the post if you want to check it out

  2. Crazy how almost every blogger you talk to has probably had those jealous/grass-is-greener thoughts. I’m glad you got out of it, and I’m also very glad you used the guest towels! I don’t have guest towels, but that’s strictly because we can’t have actual guests at our house – the lack of a bed in the guest room kind of kills that whole potential… For the record, I love every second I spend reading your blog. And looking at your amaze-balls IG pictures of Odin and your outdoor bed awesomeness!

  3. Now that I am home I can take a moment to leave a comment. I will tell you a funny story, last week I came across a very awesome fashion blog as I scrolled through she had a giveaway(I think 2 actually) of $500 Home Depot gift cards. I was completely flabbergasted. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars at home depot in the last 2 years. We did 2 major home renovations and purchased almost all of our material at Home Depot so you can imagine how I felt when I saw her giveaway. A pang of jealousy maybe….because of course I sat there and thought…what in the world why hasn’t Home Depot every reached out to me for that kind of giveaway…imagine the amount of hits that would create on a blog. I thought about it for a good 5 hrs – then I realized something I have everything I have ever wanted, I work hard, a good job, and then the blog which I started for fun to document what we were going through. I’ve met some pretty amazing and talented people through the blog and that is all that matters at the end of the day. Is that I am happy, I am enjoying life, I am not dedicated solely to my blog.

    Going forward all I want to do is be happy for anybody else’s successes and not ever focus on the negative again.

    Thanks for being honest and posting this because I wondering deep down if I was the only one who felt this at times.

    1. I think a lot of us have felt this way before (but probably keep it to ourselves. I think it’s human nature to be competitive, and compare, but in the end it doesn’t help us any, and just makes us sad. I think your outlook is perfect! This isn’t our whole life, and we are happy! Begrudging others for the opportunities they get doesn’t make us get any of our own.

  4. Next time you can’t help feeling that way, keep in mind that some bloggers (ahem!) look up to you. Also, I gotta buy some new towels. 😉

    Sorry about the bad news–take care.

  5. Use the good towels, drink good beer, and enjoy life. Don’t assume that there is no tomorrow, but don’t deny yourself the small pleasures that make you happy. Life is too short.

  6. I have 4 giant fluffy high-end white towels and I have no shame in using them!!

    I also feel that way about other blogs, but then remember that instead of working on my blog I am doing other fun things in life and I make the choice to not make it my life’s priority. Then sometimes I get a random offer from a company and realize that even my small little blog is still pretty awesome 🙂

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