Use the Guest Towels

I’ve fallen into the blogger grass is greener trap as of late. The one I swore up and down never to fall into. I’ve been captive to the Instagram feeds full of blogtrips and the twitter posts about amazing opportunities. Wistful and finding myself mumbling childishly “why don’t I get to go”.  While so  incredibly happy for my fellow bloggers, I still had that niggling of insecurity in the pit of my stomach. The why does everything good happen to other people, and I’m, not good enough thoughts.

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Valentines Day is a Two Way Street

I had the discussion with some co-workers yesterday about how they thought it was strange that I was planning a dinner for El Granto on Valentines Day. The general consensus seems to be that most girls think Valentines Day is a day for guys to spoil them, and they get to kick back and enjoy the pampering. My response to that is: you greedy girls! Love is not one sided my friend, it’s a two way street. Why are you not showing your loved one how much you love and care about them right back this Valentines Day? Continue reading “Valentines Day is a Two Way Street”