Finding Time

Last night I got home from work, kissed my husband, fussed my dog, changed out of my work clothes and went to bed.

No, I wasn’t being lazy and going to bed at 6pm. I had stayed late at work, and by the time I got home I barely had time to relax for a few minutes before calling it a night. El Granto had foraged for dinner himself, and with the boxes on the counter I can see he relished on chicken fingers and tater tots.

I missed putting out the trash before the garbage pickup came. The dishes from last nights dinner (Portuguese BBQ which I picked up on the way home from work) still littered the counter. My tools and supplies from the weekends half finished projects covered the dining table. The floor had dog hair tumble weeds rolling past. The fridge contained only condiments and beer, and my thawing backyard is a minefield of a winters worth of melting dog turds. Tired, I walked past it all, changed into track pants, tossing my clothes on the ever growing laundry pile and headed for bed.

At the rate I’m going, we will be eating takeout and wearing mismatched socks for the foreseeable future.

As a thirty something couple in an fast paced urban environment, I can’t help but feel like we can’t be the only ones facing the same situation? How do successful women work long hours and maintain a home? Seriously? Because I would really like to know.

When both parts of the couple are working high demand jobs and putting in long hours, how does anyone find the time to mind the home? Put (homemade) food on the table?  I can’t even imagine adding kids to the equation. With relaxation and spending time with my loved ones a top priority for my free time (also, wine, hot baths and Netflix). Dusting has fallen to a pretty low priority.

odin and el granto
When it come to choosing between dusting and shenagans with these two weirdos, I am going to choose them every. single. time.

So you, my ingenious readers, can you offer me any advice on working hard, playing hard and still getting the laundry done? Because a girl can only wear mismatched socks for so long.



New Adventures

Every blog in the blogging universe seems to be hitting publish on a big 2015 goals, recaps, hopes & dreams post etc. I’m not really a resolution kinda person, so that sort of a post was out of the question, but I have taken a good hard look at blogging, and I intend to make some changes around here in the coming year.


But the biggest change of all, is coming career wise.


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Instaweek Recap

This weekend is going to be a busy one!

El Granto’s little brother is engaged to be married, and we will be celebrating the happy couple at their engagement party this weekend! It’s perfect timing as the family is in town so we will get to see them all on Sunday for Father’s Day as well.

I also hope to sneak in a little work this weekend. Hopefully I can convince El Granto that our doors should be Ocean Liner (after all, you guys did vote for it!) Getting a coat of paint on the doors would make me a happy girl, but it may be unrealistic.

Until next week, here is a little recap of what we’ve been up to in the past week.

I have had this painting shirt since we painted out bathroom in our first apartment. It knocked off another project as I painted the back of the house.
Like my outfit? I swear I’m seen wearing this more than I am actual appropriate clothes. I even went out to get a coffee looking like this (on a beautiful day in my hip neighborhood no less.)
Modern Art? Nope. Spot priming the cracks in the old exterior paint. I do NOT want to be repainting the house in 3 years, so I was making sure to do it right!
Modern Art? Nope. Spot priming the cracks in the old exterior paint. I do NOT want to be repainting the house in 3 years, so I was making sure to do it right!
The spread from our Sunday picnic.
We took our normal Sunday BBQ to the park. No BBQ in sight, but we did indulge on cheese & meats.
Our picnic in the park got an unwelcome visit from mother nature. We tossed our umbrellas up into the tree.
Mother Nature didn’t want to play nice during our picnic, so we tossed up our umbrellas into the tree to ward off some of the rain.
This dog kills me. He's been extra snugly as of late.
This dog kills me. He’s been extra snugly as of late. Maybe its him growing up!
We purchased a replacement fig, as our old fig tree (aka Figgy Pudding) didn't make it through the winter.
We purchased a replacement fig and I carried it all the way home on the TTC. Our poor old fig tree (aka Figgy Pudding) didn’t make it through the winter.
Our board & batten project was featured on Apartment Therapy this week. Woot!
Our board & batten project was featured on Apartment Therapy this week. Woot!


So what are you up to this weekend?!