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Finding Time

Last night I got home from work, kissed my husband, fussed my dog, changed out of my work clothes and went to bed. No, I wasn't being lazy and going to bed at 6pm. I had stayed late at work, and by the time I got home I barely had time to relax for a few...
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New Adventures

Every blog in the blogging universe seems to be hitting publish on a big 2015 goals, recaps, hopes & dreams post etc. I'm not really a resolution kinda person, so that sort of a post was out of the question, but I have taken a good hard look at blogging, and I intend to make...
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Instaweek Recap

This weekend is going to be a busy one!

El Granto's little brother is engaged to be married, and we will be celebrating the happy couple at their engagement party this weekend! It's perfect timing as the family is in town so we will get to see them all on Sunday for Father's Day as well. I...
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