Backyard Snowball Effect

It started.

The project snowball effect is rolling into our backyard.

What started as some flaking paint, and a patch of grassless yard has now turned into a full on backyard makeover.


The back of the storefront.

BEFORE: The back of the storefront

You see, I painted the trim, then I painted the whole back of the storefront and now…now the doors look shabby against the backdrop of new paint.

Sneak Peek of the new trim and body paint colors.

Sneak Peek of the new trim and body paint colors. Oh and if you’re wondering if I photographed the door with some sort of funhouse camera? Nope, that’s actually now wavy the 100 year old wall is. Door=square…wall=wavy as all get out.

See how the once nice door now looks out of place against the new paint? The grey door is too warm, to beige, and it’s paint a bit shabby.

Looks like the doors are getting painted. Now to choose a color…

El Granto & I are on different camps.

Team El Granto: Paint the doors the light grey body color

Team El Granto: Behr Anonymous

Team El Granto: Behr Anonymous

Team Kristen: Paint the doors either the dark grey trim color or a bright pop of color.

Team Kristen: Behr Cracked Pepper OR Bright Color

Team Kristen: Behr Cracked Pepper

What was I thinking for color?! Something bright & fun, and way out of my normal scope. These are a few colors I’m loving.

Behr New Shoot

Behr New Shoot

Behr Edgewater

Behr Edgewater

Behr Amaryllis

Behr Amaryllis

Behr Ocean Liner

Behr Ocean Liner

So give us a hand, and vote for your team!

What color team are you on?

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11 Responses

  1. I say - colour! for sure!
  2. Amaryllis or Ocean Liner
  3. Wendy
    Ocean Liner - and I would paint the white trim piece around the window the same colour.
  4. Lynne Stopkewich
    I'd go for bright and Amaryllis for two reasons: 1) they say in landscape design, every yard needs a focal point, so looking back at your house, it's the doors. 2) i choose "amaryllis" because when you stand back, it goes with the brickwork on the huge wall and some of the flowers. the green will compete with the plants and the blue just melds with the grey, I think. also the house body grey (although neutral) still reads as a cool colour so I'd go with a hot colour on the doors. BUT, if you do this, I wouldn't go for copper lights as that would clash. I'd stay black or grey on light fixtures if the doors are painted any colour. Final thought: if you paint the doors, I would also paint the trim around the glass the same as the door body. Too many small trims starts to get busy, I think. There ya go. Lots o' fdbk. Good luck it's looking really, really great!
    • Fantastic point about the copper lights!!! If we go color for the door, the lights will absolutely have to be a neutral. I have my eye on some pretty amazing lights in black that I think would be perfect for the house. I also agree with that white trim. It looks plastic and cheap in person, so painting it out will help as well.
  5. Matt
    Ocean Liner!
  6. Matt
    Ocean Liner!
  7. Color all the way! I love that Ocean Liner paint color :)
  8. Stacey at
    It's hard to read paint colours online, but I'm tending to Ocean Liner because it's calm but bright and seems to have coordinating undertones with the dark trim.
    • It is really calm, isn't it?! It reminds me of sipping a drink on a lounge chair by some wonderful pool. I wonder if El Granto will be my pool boy...?
  9. Ok. Seeing as I am the crazy person who woke up one day and painted the back of her front door a bright red, I'd say red. But realistically for I'd go for the blue b/c it reminds me a nice tranquil outdoors. Which you can rock daily on your daybed. That I need to make.

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