6 Easy Backyard DIY Projects

It’s here! Well…almost. Spring is at our doorstep, and I don’t know about you, but I cant wait!

To get you prepped for spring, I’ve rounded out some of my fave DIY outdoor/backyard projects & maintenance from the past two years.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture Maintenance


Taking care of teak and other outdoor wooden furniture

Reclaimed Wood Easy Outdoor Table


Taking an old work 2×12 and turning it into a simple outdoor table with a shelf.
Perfect for holding magazines & a cold drink.

Drop Cloth Outdoor Drapes


Turning inexpensive hardware store canvas drop cloths into custom outdoor drapes.

Painting a distressed Ghost Sign Wall Mural


You know those faded shop signs & ads on the sides of old buildings?
We painted our own on the side of our urban garage.

BBQ Area Facelift


Using inexpensive deck tiles to give a new lease on an old bbq area.

Backyard Horizontal Slat Fence


A weekend project building a modern horizontal slat fence.

Really, its easier than it looks!

Do you have any awesome DIY backyard projects? Share!

2 Responses

  1. Zoran M
    Love the fence. Did you find your version to be more or less expensive than those pre-made wooden fences for sale at Home Depot or Lowes? Thanks!
    • El Granto
      Hi Zoran, I think the fence turned out cheaper than the pre-built ones. But I couldn't tell you for sure without looking it up myself. Generally the raw lumber cost will work out less than a pre-built product. El Granto

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