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I just returned from almost three weeks in Denmark. This may sound corny or crazy, but I think I found myself in Scandinavia.


I landed in Copenhagen, and felt at home. I loved everything from the people, to the design and food.

I am half Danish, and was raised with a whole heck of a lot of Danish influence, but landing in Denmark I felt like it was a country for me.


My second day there I awoke late (thanks jet lag!) to find the dining room bustling with people having a lovely danish breakfast. Coffee, bread, cheese, and laughter. The whole place felt like home. I ate and drank the three weeks away with family, savoring every moment.

It seems like Danish life is just a lot more laid back than life here in Canada. They work shorter hours, take more vacation, enjoy the holidays (they had 5 days off for Easter!) and really enjoy life. I took a stroll by myself along Nyhavn my first day there, with temps of 15 and the sun bright in the sky, it seemed as though everyone had left their offices midday to hit the bars and restaurants, or take a stroll with a drink along the lakes.


Refreshing? Absolutely! Makes our work driven life in North America seem miserable and without merit? Yep. Their take on life is definitely erring on the side of enjoying the moment, with a big emphasis on family and friends. Oh and design. Is it inappropriate to fall in love with design?


The home wares… the innovative design…and the FLOORS. I need to re-create everything at home. I want to re-do all the (worn) flooring on the 2nd floor of the storefront with danish soaped floors. I will have an entire post directed to them soon, I promise.


While I adjust from my jet lag, and get back into my 9-5 and the pile of work that I am sure awaits me at the office today, I leave you with a few inspiration pics, with more to come.





Excuse me while I change the name of the blog, and my whole design style to Scandinavian Storefront Life.

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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