Adventure Time

Today I leave on a big adventure. I haven’t gotten to travel a lot thus far in my life. I didn’t go on exotic or cultural vacations as a kid, I wasn’t born overseas (El Granto was born in South Africa!) or backpack through Europe on my gap year (El Granto moved to Alberta and taught snowboarding!). In fact, I haven’t really been overseas since I was a kid. The farthest I’ve flown since then was Vancouver or Las Vegas.


El Granto and I had planned a France & Italy honeymoon (with a 4 day motorcycle tour of the South of France!) but then the house went and fell apart on us, and we had to use all our savings to fix it.

Things however are looking up for me in the travel department. My Mom and I leave for Denmark tonight. We’re on a red-eye to Copenhagen in T Minus 12 hours.

This is a special trip for me, as I haven’t been there with my Mom since I was a kid. We get to visit our family (some of whom I haven’t met, or don’t remember meeting). My Mom’s family history is deeply rooted in Denmark, and I’m on a quest to learn as much about it as I can. We are set to visit family houses, historical sites and even an island that shares it’s name with my Grandfathers family. Yeah, my ancestors came from there!


I’m going to put a few more stamps in my passport and have one hell of an adventure with my Mom.

El Granto will be holding down the fort here, on Twitter and Facebook with an occasional check in with me from Denmark. Follow me on Instagram to see my trip go down, and all the Danish home & design inspiration I find on my way.

When I get back I have a ton of huge projects planned. We’re starting work on our main bathroom, and have some outdoor plans in the works.

This spring is going to be Legen… Wait for it … Dary!

(still incredibly sad that How I Met Your Mother ended this week.)


Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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