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Ikea Hack – Vittsjo Laptop Table

Monday, March 18th, 2013

I was wandering through Ikea the other day, when I ended up in the office section. I didn’t need anything for the office (much less furniture!) but I browsed none the less. Out of nowhere, I spied this little table.

Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Table

Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Table

It’s part of the Vittsjo line. It’s a small table meant to sit over the sofa so you can work on your laptop. It’s new (so new in fact that I couldn’t find it online). I saw it and instantly thought it would be great as a side table in our living room (with a new top, I hate glass topped tables).

In fact I had pinned this pin a few weeks ago with the intent to make a side table out of copper piping & wood top.

The little Vittsjo Laptop table was a smashing good deal at only $19.99. I promptly texted it to El Granto to get his thumbs up before buying.

Ikea Vittsjo $19.99

Ikea Vittsjo $19.99

After I got it home, I set to assembling everything except the glass top. I decided I wanted to replace the glass with some wood (like from my West Elm Inspiration).  I measured how big I wanted the top to be (I decided I liked the look of the wood siting on the frame, rather than inset like the glass was.) After I measured things up, we walked to HD and picked up a cheap $6 pine shelf board. I came home, cut pieces to size and attached them together using our Kreg jig and screws.

Top made with Kreg Jig

Top made with Kreg Jig

We finished the top with a coat of wood conditioner, two coats of chocolate stain, and three coats of furniture wax. We attached it with a few screws to the table using the tabs that once held the glass. We drilled holes in each of the tabs, then using small screws screwed through the tabs into the bottom of the wood top.

This is what we had after $26 and a couple hours work.

Table Complete

Table Complete

Table Complete

Table Complete

*Two days after we completed the table, I picked up a copy of the April issue of Style at Home and saw this article on similar side tables. At $26 ours comes in waaaay under the cost of all the tables in the article. Yay for style on a budget!

Style at Home Article on similar tables. April 2013 issue

Style at Home Article on similar tables. April 2013 issue



Table Frame – Ikea Vittsejo Laptop Table – Ikea
Wood – Pine Shelf board – Home Depot
Varathane stain in Chocolate – Home Depot
Varathane wood conditioner – Home Depot
Minwax Paste Finishing Wax – Home Depot
Kreg Screws – Lee Valley Tools

Tools Used:

Miter Saw
Kreg Jig

Difficulty Level (on a scale of 1-5):

one out of five

Total Cost: $26

Ikea Goliat Drawer Unit ReHab

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

A long long time ago, when El Granto & I moved in together, El Granto was still in school, I had just graduated and was working my first big kid job. We had no money, ate copious amounts of pasta and potatoes, and spent what was left on (cheap) beer.

Needless to say our furniture consisted of things we’d stolen from our parent’s houses. We did manage to purchase a few new things; some drapes, a few Ikea Lack side tables, and a Ikea Goliat drawer unit that we used as a night stand/little dresser in our bedroom.

Ikea Goliat

That unit later graduated to living in our office when we purchased real bedside tables, and has now lived through 8 years of our abuse. It holds all the strange things one accumulates. Also known as the junk drawer. It houses batteries, calculators, phone & camera chargers, memory cards, travel voltage adapters, a screw driver, camera batteries, luggage tags, a sling shot etc. “Important” stuff don’t you know where else to put.

When faced with the office reno, we wanted to keep our useful friend Goliat, but he needed some cosmetic help. His laminate “birch effect” finish looked like plastic, and the handles were not even trying to disguise the fact that they were plastic. He needed help! So we carried him out to the garage, took off the handles, scuffed him up with some sandpaper, and gave him a coat of Zinnsser B-I-N primer. In hindsight I should have given it two coats, it would have probably eliminated one of my coats of paint later.

Goliat Drawer Unit with One Coat of Primer

After priming I gave it a quick sand, and added 3 coats of white gloss interior/exterior paint. We let it dry, and added three new Martha Stewart 3 in. Channel Cabinet Hardware pulls from the Home Depot.

The hardware was a bit of a pain to be honest. I sourced from their website. The handle I chose said “in store only” so I walked the 3km to Home Depot to find the crappiest selection of in stock hardware ever! I was astonished at how dated and bad it was. After spending 20 minutes to finally track down the kitchen designer, I found my hardware on a sample board in a drawer. The Martha Stewart hardware was all spectacular and well priced, but SPECIAL ORDER! UGH. I hate the words special order. It means waiting, delays, incorrect shipments and anger. I had fallen in love with the handles, so I sucked it up and ordered.

I ordered on a Monday, and the kitchen designer said it should be in store in about a week. They arrived in store the following Monday (yay!) I brought them home and realized I had measured incorrectly. BLARG. Stupid Kristen. They’re too big. They’re not even the right size for other projects around the house that need new handles.

So… I had two options. Return them and order some new ones, or fill the holes in the drawer unit, touch up paint, and re-drill them. The problem with ordering new ones, is that the smallest any of the pretty Martha Stewart ones came in was 3″ and the Ikea drawer unit was SMALLER than that. Leave it to Ikea to not use standard sizes!

So I filled the holes… (AFTER I HAD ALREADY PAINTED IT) and then PAINTED IT AGAIN. Do my capitals express some of my angst?

Wood Filling Holes

Drawer Pull Holes Filled and Painted

I then marked and drilled new holes for the new hardware, and FINALLY it was done!

Finally Finished!

Handle Close-Up


Previously owned Ikea Goliat Drawer Unit
Zinnser B.I.N. Primer (spray can): Canadian Tire
Behr Premium Plus Interior/Exterior Glossy paint in Bright White:  Home Depot
Frog Tape: Canadian Tire
Martha Stewart 3 inch Channel Pulls: Home Depot

Tools Used:
Paint Brush, Small Foam Roller & Tray, Sand paper, Screw Driver

Difficulty Level (on a scale of 1-5):

Total Cost: $25 (we already owned the Goliat unit)