Tile Tile Tile

Nothing gets me off my arse like a sale.

We have a good assortment of tools in the Storefront Garage, but one tool we were missing was a tile saw. I mean a tile saw of any kind. We didn’t own a wet saw, or even a simple tile break.

I know I know, you’re shaking your head at me. We have a drill press, a table saw, TWO miter saws, a scroll saw, and a plethora of other tools but we don’t have a simple tile saw? You see we haven’t had to do any tiling in the Storefront. When we moved in, everything was freshly tiled, and thus, no need.

Well kids, that was until we tore off the kitchen backsplash. We drywalled, taped, mudded, primed & painted the backsplash so that it was usable, but it really needs some tile (both for aesthetics & durability).

As you know, I am a very budget conscious lady, and to run out and buy a bunch of new tile, mastic, grout, spacers, float, trowel AND a new saw, it was quite a bit of coin to drop when we had a lot of other things on our kitchen wish list.

So I waited…for a sale…and THIS came on sale this week at Canadian Tire.

Mastercraft Wet Tile Saw
Mastercraft Wet Tile Saw

$159 wet saw on sale for $44? 70% off??

HELLS YEAH. I love you Canadian Tire.

(For my American friends, Canadian Tire is this crazy store that carries automotive parts, has an auto repair shop, a gas station, sells their own brand of  tools, lighting, plumbing, kitchen wares, work boots and dog food to name a few things. It’s a Canadian staple, and El Granto even has a coffee mug that says I (heart) Canadian Tire. )

So a new wet tile saw will be making its way to our home this week, which consequently makes me want to get off my butt and start tiling.

In my kitchen mood board you will notice that I have subway tile listed.

Kitchen Moodboard

We decided early on to do a basic white subway tile for a couple of reasons. It was timeless (which worked well in our Edwardian home) as well as it was a nice neutral backdrop for other things in our kitchen (like the concrete counters), and would brighten up the kitchen.

We have lived with a showy (albeit ugly) backsplash for the last two years, and want something a bit more classic.

Lucky for us, white subway tile is also one of the cheapest options.

Now we will soon have a saw, have decided on a tile, there are only two decisions left.

Tile Pattern & Grout Color

Traditionally a subway tile would have been laid in a brick pattern. Which I love. It’s classic and would have been what the Storefront had when it was built (although probably in a colored glazed finish of green, orange or brown.)

I love the brick pattern, and that’s what I’m leaning towards, but what do you think? Should we break out of our box and try something new?

Which pattern is your favorite?

Subway tile patterns (Source unknown)
Subway tile patterns (Source unknown)

Then the next big decision is grout color. Do we go white, or something a bit more fun like a gray or black?

White will make the backsplash all one tone and visually it will fall to the back a bit. Gray or black will make the tile stand out, and really make a statement.

White Grout
White Grout
Grey Grout
Gray Grout

Do I want a statement? Or do I want the tile to play a supporting role to the concrete counters and the farmhouse sink?  What are your thoughts?