YAY! It’s officially the first day of summer, and surprisingly the sun has poked its head out today to celebrate. We’ve been having an unusually cool & wet June, so I really hope summer has actually decided to come out and play!

Our little backyard

My garden has been the only one enjoying the rain. I have cherry tomatoes already growing, my garlic has grown scapes (which we’ve been enjoying almost every night with our dinner!) The roses are in bloom, and my fig tree has started growing fruit (but I don’t expect they will ripen, as its Pudding’s first crop.) I have some sort of pest eating at my basil ( I never had luck with basil!) but my mint is growing like a weed.

Odin has decided the backyard bench is his preferred place to be. (But he will only sit on the bench if his blanket is there, something about the bench slats freak him right out)

This weekend is already looking jam packed for us with El Granto heading to a bachelor party, and myself to the bachelorette. Hopefully we can also knock off a project or two.

El Granto & I enjoying the Steam Whistle patio during Doors Open Toronto
El Granto & I enjoying the Steam Whistle patio during Doors Open Toronto

We’ve also got a friend visiting from England, and plans to eat some good food and a drink or two…or three.

My fave drink, the Miami Vice. Half strawberry daiquiri, half piƱa colada. Mmmm

What do you have planned for the first weekend of summer?

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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