Nest: Day Four-Hundred and Sixteen: The post that never happened

We had an idea to use the Nest as a reoccurring post for a few months. But the simplicity of Nest kind of got in the way of those plans.


¬†After the first week with Nest we didn’t touch it at all. Now that we’ve been through a few seasons with it pretty much the only time we touch it is in those few precious months when we turn it from “cool” to “heat/cool” while the windows are open 24-7. Then from “heat/cool” to “heat” when it’s way too cold out to have them open anymore.

I can’t really say whether the Nest has saved us money or not. Our house is insulated very well and in the last winters our neighbors weren’t heating their house (as they weren’t living there during their renos) so we were losing a lot of heat through the shared wall. We also had a programmed thermostat that I updated fairly regularly to mesh with the season.

The big thing I can say about Nest is that it’s SO simple! It just takes all the work out of keeping your house livable and comfortable.

Now with the addition of filter reminders to the firmware I have zero complaints. They fixed the one little niggle that I had with it and I couldn’t be happier about it.

We love our Nest and we wouldn’t give it up for any other thermostat now. If you are thinking of adding a Nest to your home, we would recommend it over and over. (No one has paid us to say that. We genuinely love it!)

Author: El Granto

El Granto is Kristen's devoted husband. When he's not listening to what she tells him to do he's a motorcycle maniac and an avid beer, whiskey and cigar connoisseur.

2 thoughts on “Nest: Day Four-Hundred and Sixteen: The post that never happened”

  1. Hi,
    I’m reading a lot of negative comments about 2nd gen Nest on Amazon. Have you ran into any of the similar issues with it so far? Do you have a 1 stage or 2 stage heating in your house?
    Great site btw, keep updating on that DIY countertop please.

    1. Hi Alex!
      We have the first generation, and did experience some connectivity problems a few months back (it would sometimes disconnect from the WIFI when we were out of the house and trying to connect remotely, but always was working/connecting when we were at the house and trying to change something). It seems to be all sorted now.
      We have a single stage forced air furnace, single stage a/c, and one Nest controls our entire home (about 1500 square feet)
      I hope that helps!

      As for the DIY Concrete Countertops, check back for a new post on Monday!

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