Wood Stained Wine Glass Holder

I received a sample in the mail the other day from Minwax. It included a couple packages of their wood finishing cloths, and a small piece of wood. At first glance the wood looked like an artists palette.

Minwax wood finishing Cloths
Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths

After a closer look, I realized it was not an artists palette, it was a wine bottle holder! Well, more technically, it was a wine glass holder. It fits over the neck of a bottle and then holds two wine glasses. It’s like a butler.

Last night, I thought I’d give the finishing cloths a shot on my new little friend Alfred (get it, he’s Batman’s butler… I know, my wit surprises even me). I read the instructions, and when I flipped over the package, there was a small bag attached to the bottom. It was actually a pair of gloves. I think these people know me better than I know myself.

One Pair of Gloves. Brilliant.
One Pair of Gloves. Brilliant.

I donned my gloves, placed a drop cloth over my workspace, and gave a crack at the cloths. They open with a flap on the front of the package, kinda like a baby wipes. Except, I would not want to get these mixed up with baby wipes…

Not baby wipes.
Not baby wipes.

The cloths are soaked in stain, and you just wipe them onto the wood, then wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. It was a bit messy (but all staining always is). After I was done, I actually took off my gloves inside out, and trapped the used cloth inside my glove like I was picking up ahem… things that a dog leaves behind.

After wiping off the excess stain, I let it sit overnight, and this is what I was left with.

Finished Product.
Finished Product.

I think I may give it a couple coats of spray poly for added durability, but it did give a lot of deep stain with just a few minutes work.

The wine holder slips over a bottle, and two glasses slide right in.

Completed Wine Butler
Completed Wine Butler
Completed Wine Butler
Completed Wine Butler

It’s a pretty fab hostess gift. I will have to remember this at the Holidays. All in all, I’d say that the cloths were pretty good. If you’ve got a small project, they are easier than dragging out the wood conditioner and stain. For big projects, I would still stain using my traditional approach.

Completed Wine Butler
Completed Wine Butler

Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths areĀ available at all major home retailers. I saw them last week at the paint department desk at Home Depot.

You can find the wine bottle holders for sale here.

*Minwax didn’t sponsor this post, or expect me to even write it. They just sent me a few samples in the mail, and I thought I’d share.

P.S. Why have companies stopped sending mailed samples? I miss the laundry detergent and perfume samples in the mail! I would go to parties smelling like fancy perfume, and people thought I was ballin’. I blame the lack of perfume samples on my inability to be a socialite. That or the fact that I prefer going to the hardware store than the ballet, and that I’m always covered in paint… well nevermind.


Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

4 thoughts on “Wood Stained Wine Glass Holder”

  1. Heya Kristen!

    I was looking at your table / desk while researching some reclaimed wood ideas for my home office. I am going to beg you to play with tung oil and get beyond those poly finishes. Just experiment, ESPECIALLY, on this wine glass holder – 7 coats, quick dry, very thin, wipe on, and very little sanding necessary because its oil! šŸ™‚

    I bet you thank me and don’t every consider poly again. Maybe not, but Im bettin oui… Try all the alternatives to poly too, they are lots of fun, but tung oil is my fav…

    Great work on the table btw! Why didn’t you use reclaimed, just curious? Great site/blog

  2. What a brilliant idea for holding wine glasses! I also did not know about the wood finishing cloths. That’s a brilliant product idea. I love your comments at the end. You are right… we don’t get freebie samples in the mail anymore. Wonder why?? I don’t wear perfume because my husband is allergic to it but I wouldn’t mind getting some detergent samples again or small cereal boxes.

    1. Oh the cereal boxes! I miss those too! I was a big sucker for sample products, if I liked them, I always bought them again! Trying out something is the best way for me to see if I like it.

      1. One good friend of mine from college owns this company, the top consolidator of woman owned blogs int he world I believe. http://www.tapinfluence.com/influencers/ -I think it helps moonetize your words, and maybe get samples of products. Keep your integrity by only writing about products you believe in obviously. You have a knack for writing!

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