Make Your Own Custom Table

Wall 0f Ikea Legs

I know you’re probably all “tabled-out” with my table talk last week, but I just wanted to give you all some ideas for creating your own dining table.

As you know, we made a new top for our pipe leg table. It was easy peasy. Three boards, some supports, sanding, staining and protecting and its as easy as pie. (Well maybe not pie. Pie is pretty hard to make.) So now I’ve convinced you to make your own table top, but what if pipe legs aren’t your thing… It’s too hipster for you, or too industrial, or not glam enough. So don’t worry, I got your back. I’m your girl.

This is what you need to do. Make the table top. Then pick your stain color and pick your legs. It’s like a choose your own adventure novel, but with FURNITURE!

I know, your mind is blow! (right? maybe? a little bit blown? a spark?)


Minwax Stain Colors


Ikea Legs
Wall 0f Ikea Legs
Wall-o-legs at Ikea

OPTIONAL: Pick a spray paint color to paint the legs:

Valspar Spray Paint Colors
Valspar Spray Paint Colors


Here’s some of my ideas:

Dark Walnut top + Ikea Vika Moliden Underframe legs spray painted  Exotic Sea.

Option 1

Classic Gray top + Ikea black Lalle legs

Option 2

Ebony top + Oddvald legs spray painted Troical Folliage

Option 3

Minwax Pickled Oak + Red Nipen legs (which are more pink than red)

Option 4

DIY TIP! If your idea of DIY & woodworking is watching HGTV in your PJ’s.¬† Consider using a piece of prefab Ikea butcher block countertop as a table top. It comes in a 6’x3′ size (for $269) that would be perfect for a dining table!

Ikea Numerar Countertop. Perfect as an easy table top!
Ikea Numerar Countertop. Perfect as an easy table top!

What options would you choose?!

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the tutorial on the table. We followed your instructions for the top – used 2×10’s that are 8 feet long. We used the IKEA Lalle legs and love the look of the table. The only issue we have is that it’s a little wobbly. Do you think that adding two more legs in the middle would help? Thanks for the great site.

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