The Time Mike Holmes Fixed our House

I completely missed our Blog Anniversary last week!

On July 5th, we officially turned two!

I had plans of a whole Blogaversary week with my fave stuff, behind the scenes etc, but heck, summer happened, and so did work in our backyard. However, I will give you one flash back post!

I was talking to a good blog friend a few weeks ago, and mentioned that my lifelong dream was to have my own show on HGTV, and that we had loved being on Holmes Inspection. She gave me the WAIT WAIT WAIT, you were on HOLMES INSPECTION? And I was all like “yeah dude, Mike Holmes fixed our house! It’s on my blog!”. Then I realized I posted about being on the show on my 2nd ever blog post. Back when…oh about two people read the blog (Thanks Moms!)

So I said to myself. “Maybe my new readers don’t know about the time I cried on international TV, and Mike Holmes saved our butts”.

Here’s the scoop. We moved into our place, and had big problems from day one. We were in over our heads, and had spent ALL our money on buying the place. We had a home inspection (from a VERY reputable company) but a lot of things were missed.

Mike, Damon & the team stepped in, and fixed all the problems hiding behind the walls of the Storefront.

I wont spoil the show for you, so head on over to HGTV and give it a watch!

Watch Moisture Madness
Watch our episode “Moisture Madness” on

For my American & International readers, I don’t think it will let you watch it on the Canadian site, and I do not see whole episode listed as streaming on Keep an eye out for our episode on your local listings, or give it a google and see if you can find it.

Our Episode: Holmes Inspection Moisture Madness.


We get a ton of questions about the show. Here are answers to your most asked questions!

Whats Mike Like? Exactly as you see him on TV! He is kind, friendly, funny, and cares sooo much about quality construction, and helping people! The first time we met him was literally when he knocked on our door in the show. Nothing is scripted. He is genuine, and it was awesome to have Mike and his team come to our rescue.

Did we have to move out? Yep! We had a lot of construction going on, and some safety concerns, so we moved out for the duration of the show. We stayed at Grant’s Mom & Dad’s place, and the only time mid construction that we came back to the house was when you see us come back in the show.

How did we get on the show, and why did we apply? It was Christmas time, the house was falling apart around us, and no contractors were returning our calls as it was the Holidays. Defeated, we were sitting on the sofa watching TV, and a Holmes Inspection marathon was on HGTV. El Granto turned to me and said we should apply. I said, oh our house isn’t THAT bad, is it? He said…well, yeah it is. We emailed them our story via their casting call on I drafted the email, read it back aloud to El Granto, and burst into tears, as yeah, it did sound pretty terrible when you put it all on paper. Our story must have been compelling, as they picked us!


When did the show air? It aired in September 2011, a week and a half before our wedding! Don’t worry, we still got married, although we did have to postpone our honeymoon, and never did get to go to Europe. Instead we took a short tropical honeymoon six months later.

Did you have to pay? How much? Sorry guys, we’re not discussing anything about money. That’s private!

Would we do it again? OF COURSE! They saved our butts! We owe Mile & the team a world of gratitude and I don’t know where we’d be without them. We now have an awesome home, that we are loving putting our own stamp on.


Let me know if you have any more questions, and I will do the best to answer them.

Have you ever be on TV? Have any television aspirations? What did you think of our episode?


Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

10 thoughts on “The Time Mike Holmes Fixed our House”

  1. I have a secret to tell….after we chatted at the Ryobi event and it came out that you were on the show I went home and found it online and watched it.

    I was sooooooo sad for you when you were sad on the show because I thought fuck that’s so shitty that this happens to people!

    Happy Mike and team was able to fix your home for you!!!

    Also, Branko and I always talk about we need a tv show! HA the crazy shit that goes on while completely reno-ing our home is pretty funny….except for our dream garage being destroyed…that was not funny.

    Happy Building!!!

    1. You guys DO need a show! I love the crazy stuff that happens with renos! Have you ever seen the show Marriage Under Construction? I feel like that is you guys!

      Oh and I LOVE that you went and watched our show! You should have told me! Also, please say you didn’t laugh at my crazy long hair!

  2. Happy blogaversary! And non-Canadian viewers can watch the episode using a vpn, which is what I’m planning to do this weekend.

    My question about Mike Holmes would be whether he always wears those “check out my guns” teeshirts or only when they are filming. (Or maybe that’s just vintage Holmes — it’s been some time since we had HGTV.)

    1. He’s a pretty snazzy dresser! He can be seen sporting his signature overalls and well… his guns, but he was dressed in smart work wear a lot of the time we saw him as well!

  3. I still love that you were on the show, and that we had seen you on TV before we ever even virtually knew you. I still think Holmes on Homes could have been even huger if he had joined forces with Candice Olsen or some other great TV designer. Just someone to polish up some of his rough edge construction finish choices that look good to a contractor but not to a designer. Let Mike do the great work on getting the structure in shape, a designer pick out the finishes, and then let Mike and his crew make sure those finishes are done perfectly. That’s my kind of show!

    1. It’s funny you had seen our episode! I still get people on the street (or more often in Home Depot) that recognize me from it.

      I think having a designer pair up is a great idea. That would be something good for Mike’s future shows.

      & thanks for the anniversary wishes!

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