Fall Home Maintenance

As the leaves are turning and the daylight is fading, now its the optimal time to do some fall maintenance around your home.


Here are the things we are checking for around our house, and I suggest you make your own checklist and knock of these tasks before the weather turns!

  • Check all exterior lights are functioning, including garage and sensor lights.
  • Check window & door caulking to ensure there are no gaps or leaks. Fix if necessary. Give the windows a wash while you’re at it.
  • Check for any loose paint or brick damage, and repair before water can make its way in and freeze.
  • Check exterior for gaps in flashing or loose/broken roofing. Fill any small exterior holes, and call in a roofer for larger problems.
  • Lubricate any squeaky hinges on doors & garages.
  • Wash out garbage bins with your garden hose.
  • Wash a/c unit with a hose, getting out any leaves or debris that may be in the fan unit or the screens. Let it dry out completely, then cover with an A/C cover.
  • Put away garden hose and turn off water to exterior faucets & drain lines.
  • Get out ladder and head up to the roof to check gutters, drain pipes, roof and chimney. Make sure everything is clear and clean. In our case we are also checking our skylights for cracks, gaps & any possible leaks. Make sure roof vents are functioning properly.
  • Fill any small exterior gaps with spray foam. It will stop air leaks and small critters both from getting into your home.
  • Cover small shrubs with burlap, and bring in any outside plants that live inside for the winter. Trim & fertilize any plants that get that treatment in the fall. Plant any spring bulbs.
  • Trade summer door mats for winter, and put out your boot mats and place snow shovels and salt or sand in their winter living space (ours live in the garbage cubby outside).
  • Prep bicycles for storage by oiling the chains and ensuring all parts are operational. Store in a covered area such as garage, shed or basement.
  • Clean and store outdoor furniture (this is a great time to oil any wood furniture).
  • Change furnace filters, and consider having your ducts cleaned if it’s time.
  • If you have a water heated home, check radiators and pipes for leaks and bleed the system.
  • Change smoke detector & co detector batteries, and test to ensure they’re working.
  • Remove screens and install storm windows (if you’ve got/need them).

Good luck with your maintenance and be careful on those ladders!

Author: El Granto

El Granto is Kristen's devoted husband. When he's not listening to what she tells him to do he's a motorcycle maniac and an avid beer, whiskey and cigar connoisseur.

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