Window Coverings for Tall Ceilings

The Storefront has nice high ceilings on the main floor. At a little over 10 feet tall they visually make the house seem a lot bigger and more open, but it makes for a difficult time finding window coverings.

The other issue with living in a converted storefront is privacy vs light. I would love to have the storefront window curtains open all the time, but the storefront is 10 feet from a busy road and alas that makes it so everyone walking/riding/driving down the street can see my entryway, dining room and kitchen from the street. Not that I am gallivanting around my kitchen naked all the time, but I have been known to grab a late night snack in my underoos… I also don’t really want people window shopping in my house to scope out whether they should break in and steal my stuff…

So privacy is a requirement.

But…my storefront window goes almost all the way up to the ceiling. If I want curtains they need to be just over 9′ tall… If any of you live in lofts/warehouses/condos with floor to ceiling window, you will know my conundrum.

Currently we have a set of navy & white curtains from Ikea that we had in our loft. They are not ideal, as the back of the fabric isnt such a nice view from the street.  So what are the options?

Extra Tall Curtains

  • West Elm has select styles in 9′ long. Such as their Cotton Canvas Panels.
  • Ikea has quite a good selection of 10′ long curtains. Such as Ritva, Lenda and Werna.
  • The other option is to custom make some curtains, but this option gets pricy.

Privacy Film

  • 3M makes a plethora of privacy films. They can turn your glass frosted, mirrored or tinted. Check out their Night Vision and Frosted options.
  • Gila makes an assortment of window films which are available at your local Home Depot.

Top Down Blinds

This option allows you to let light in from the top of the windows, but keep privacy below. We really liked this option, however our windows are just inches too wide for a single blind. This option also gets pricy.

  • Levalor makes a few options
  • Hunter Douglas also has a top down option
  • Many blind companies also have an instore brand that has the top down option. Check with discount blind companies

We will be debating all of our options in the next few weeks, and hopefully coming to a decision on what will work for us long term. What was your solution to big window coverings? Anyone used privacy film?



Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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