The Guy with the Tools

Everyone has a friend with a truck. He’s the guy you call on moving day, or when you bought a new sofa. Our (awesome) friend with a truck helped us carry home several loads of bricks for our patio earlier in the spring. The guy with the truck must have so many “owe you one’s” accumulated that he could call in a favor a day for a year. (Shout out to Michael!)

Martha the compound miter saw

I wish we were the friends with a truck, it would make trips to Home Depot a whole lot easier, we are however the friends with a garage, and friends with tools. This makes our garage the motorcycle storage for just a few motorcycles every winter.

Our garage doubles as winter motorcycle storage, and  workshop
Our garage doubles as winter motorcycle storage, and workshop

Last Saturday we had two friends pop by with things they needed tools to fix. Luckily we had the right tools for the job, and out came the drill, Dremel, vice, pliers, wrenches, and table saw before everything was done. Our friends Ben and Chris left with things fixed, we got to help, and we enjoyed the company. While we won’t be calling El Granto “Tim the Toolman Taylor” anytime soon, we are getting to be self sufficient in the DIY world.

We love helping friends out. We’re that kind of people. Distraction jobs also help you not burn out on your current project. Sometimes working all day at one project can get tiresome and El Granto gets cranky when he’s tired. It also gives you a chance to stop for a beer and a chat once the distraction project is done (El Granto especially likes this aspect).

In the next few weeks you will be meeting a few of our friends as we embark on a big (fun) project helping them make a dining table & benches for their new digs. We will enjoy working on a project that we don’t have to pay for, and will be rewarded with beer/cider. (It’s a win win in my books!)

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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