Under the Weather

Hey Kids! Just a quick note today to say that posting and projects may be a bit light around here for the next little while. I have been suffering some health issues that are really taking it out of me. My energy levels are non existant, and while I really want to be writing and project doing, my body has alas told me that aint gonna happen. I also will be heading in for a gaggle of tests at the end of this week, and will be even more under the weather. Please have patience with me, I will be back again soon I promise. I have a load of house buying info coming up next week in celebration of the anniversary of closing on our house, as well I have been working on some gift buying and DIY holiday projects. I shall be back in full force soon, until then I am going go get some much needed love and snuggles from my puppy & hubby. xox – Kristen Continue reading “Under the Weather”