Labour Day (yes we spell it with a “u”)

I hope everyone had an excellent Labour Day long weekend! I know my American readers are questioning my spelling of Labour, but yep, we Canadians put a “u” in there. Just like colour and neighbourhood.  We’re awesome like that.

Spelling aside, it’s a holiday we get to share across the boarder, so I hope you had a good one! We left the city for a long weekend, and accomplished NOTHING. No work on the house, not even any researching or Pinteresting. It was 100% relaxo-funtime. We headed up to the Muskokas to a good friends cottage, along with a gaggle of our pals. There were so many of us, that people were camped in tents, on air mattresses and pullouts, and even sleeping in the garage. I felt like a teenager again, brushing my teeth with a bottle of water in the woods and “bathing” in the lake.


There was debauchery, way too much food and beverages, tubing, wakeboarding, batman masks, as well as camp fires, corn hole, survivoresque buffs and sweatbands, corn roasts and loads of swimming.

Today is back to work as normal, and a sad farewell to summer, but at least we have one thing to look forward to: Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

you and me both kid