Canada’s Handyman Challenge – Behind the Scenes

Did you watch the finale of Canada’s Handyman Challenge last week?
If not ,go watch it, then come back here. I’ve got some behind the scenes action of the finale episode.

Back in the fall HGTV invited me on set of Canada’s Handyman Challenge. I got to meet and interview the judges (see my post on that here) and I also got to tour the set during the final challenge. I couldn’t post any of my set pictures before, as that would be a bit of a spoiler. However, now that the show has aired I can share my sneak peek of the set.

I got to visit on lunchtime of day one of the finale build. The pallet houses were starting to go up. The set was in an old industrial factory, with red brick industrial buildings as the backdrop. Enjoy!

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The finale projects were awesome. The amount of thought, skill and engineering in them was incredible. I thought this was one of the funnest seasons yet. The projects season wide were creative, and the contestants did a bang up job.  There can however be only one winner, and congrats Brent on the win!

What did you think of this season? Which was your favorite project?

Canada’s Handyman Challenge

Do you have a favorite TV channel? One that you turn to first to see what’s on? Mine is HGTV. Before owning a home I lusted after every home and project and reno on the TV just itching to get my own place. I wanted to learn how to frame a wall, why plumbing needed to be vented and how to tile and drywall. I wanted to be a handy(wo)man.

Needless to say Canada’s Handyman Challenge is one of my favorite shows. It takes average handy Joe’s, and puts them to the test in home building/repair challenges. To top it off, the judges are my favorite hosts on HGTV. Bryan Baeumler, Scott McGillivray and Paul Lafrance.  The new season of CHC is about to kick into high gear, premiering tomorrow night (Tuesday January 21st at 10pm ET|PT) on HGTV Canada.

Canadys Handyman Challenge

One afternoon when I was busy working on the kitchen project my phone buzzed with an email asking me if I’d like to come down to the set of Canada’s Handyman Challenge and sit down with the judges and host Jenn Robertson. Would I like to visit behind the scenes of one of my fave shows and interview three of my heros? Nah. I’m good. I’d rather be elbows deep in plumbing.

So I went (of course!) I battled a closed road and an out of the way set location and literally ran to make it in time.

When I arrived, I got to tour the set (which was freakin’ awesome!) and then sat down with Bryan, Scott, Paul and Jenn with surprise guest (our buddy) Mike Holmes.

Canadas Handyman Challenge

My first realization: Scott’s hair really is that great.

Next realization: The guys are old friends, who get along great and enjoy taking the piss out of one another. Throughout our round table the guys were super relaxed and personable. Scott even told us bloggers that he checked out our blogs (swoon). The strange thing is that you watch these guys on TV so much you kinda think that you know them. That they’re your friends, when really you’ve just been voyeuristic looking at their lives from a box in your living room! They quickly put us at ease and were very candid with our questions.

Canadas Handyman Challenge

The four lucky bloggers attending got to ask the gang a question. My question was a bit self serving (I was trying to get the inside scoop so I could take the prize at next years competition.)

I asked this: “What is the one skill that the candidates and handymen in general are lacking?”

I LOVED their answers. Here is what they said:

Scott: Passion.

Paul: Math, Science.

Mike: Confidence.

Jenn: Ability to hang wallpaper! She says there’s always a wallpaper challenge. PRACTICE HOW TO WALLPAPER!

And my favorite response:

Bryan: Planning.

Bryan says people don’t stop and think/plan out what they are doing, they just go head long into the project without thinking how they’re going to do it. I couldn’t agree more. I see my projects going downhill fast unless I plan it out beforehand. I plan on taking Bryan’s advice and planning out my projects more!

I can’t wait to see the judges in action (and what candidates posses the skills the judges are looking for!) I will also start planning my plywood challenge for next year.

Here are a few more behind the scenes pics (I couldn’t share all of my pictures as I was invited on set during the FINAL challenge. So check back after the finale and I will be sharing more pics!.)

photo 2(1)

photo 4

I will be chatting on twitter tomorrow night during the premier (Tuesday January 21st at 10pm ET|PT) on HGTV Canada. Follow me @storefrontlife for my witty remarks about my new best friends Bryan, Scott, Paul, & Jenn.

Until then you can get your CHC fix by checking out host bios and behind the scenes videos about the show here.

Would you ever try out for Canada’s Handyman Challenge? Will you be watching tomorrow night?