Playing Dress-Up

I know you usually see me wielding a drill, or covered in sawdust, but underneath all the paint & polyurethane, I am still a girl.


I have been known to rock some pretty high heels and a dress or two (really, here’s proof).  Problem is, this year, none of my summer clothes fit. My Celiac Disease has been screwing with my body, and my favorite clothes are not so much fitting anymore. Womp womp.

I am trying to avoid buying a whole new wardrobe until my body settles down and decides where its comfortable, however we are heading to Las Vegas in a few days for a wedding, and I really cant show up to the wedding naked. Well I could, but that probably wouldn’t go over well. SO, I need a dress for a Las Vegas wedding, and clothes for the rest of our vacation… in the desert… in the middle of July.

I need a dress, a swimsuit, shoes for walking & partying, and clothes for everyday use as well as fancy dinners out. Normally I would be excited about buying so many things, but this has turned out to be overwhelming, and not fun at all.

I’m not used to my new body shape, and am apparently terrible at picking out things that I think I would look good in. (oh yeah, and I don’t really want to invest a lot of $ in these pieces as they may not fit me next week).

First up was this number:


Color Block Dress from Joe Fresh. Hey guess what, it was SEE THROUGH and looked like I was wearing a circus tent.

Next up:


Silk Crossover Dress from Joe Fresh. Oh wait, this was even MORE SEE THROUGH and I straight up looked like Hannah Horvath wearing a mesh tank top.

What on earth is anyone supposed to wear under these dresses? Another dress?! A body suit?!

Three more dresses from Joe Fresh and I left without finding anything I wanted to take with me. I have a week to find a vacations worth of classy, yet not sweaty hot weather clothing. I am starting to freak out.

My next stop was Old Navy, and I found a surprisingly good amount of cute, inexpensive dresses. I walked out of the store with two dresses, a belt and some earrings. All for under $100.

Here’s what I brought home:

Old Navy Colour Blocked Tube Dress
Old Navy Colour Blocked Tube Dress

This looked super cute with a belt and some pretty sandals. It actually looked BETTER on me than in this pic. I know, pigs are flying people. FLYING.

Next up:

Old Navy Floral Crepe Tank Dress
Old Navy Floral Crepe Tank Dress

This is a dress I would never have tried on, except it looked super cute on the mannequin. Low and behold, it looked fab on, and again with a cute belt really was a flattering shape. (aka it didn’t tent)

To finish off both outfits (I am trying to go with only a carry-on) I got a skinny turquoise belt w/ brass clasp, and a pair of turquoise and brass earrings. I got a cute pedi last week with turquoise polish, and I think I’m ready to go.

I will also be bringing navy shorts, white tanks & t’s, a navy tank dress, big floppy hat, black cocktail dress, black stilettos, clutch and a few pairs of flip flops. I think I’m ready to party!

Any must-see’s (or eats) in Vegas? It’s our first trip there. We’re only in town for 4 nights, and are staying at the south end of the strip (Mandalay Bay). OH and I’m kinda sorta turning the big THREE-O right after we get back from Vegas, so I’m treating it like a birthday trip. Which means El Granto is taking me out for a nice dinner and I might have a cocktail or two and let my hair down…

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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