High/Low Exterior Lighting

I love the look of a high end item with the price tag of a discount item.

I was perusing the exterior lighting isle at Rona the other day, when I spied this light.

Rona "Contemporary" Outdoor Ceiling Fixture. $34.99
Rona “Contemporary” Outdoor Ceiling Fixture. $34.99

I thought to myself, wowza that looks so similar to the Restoration Hardware Quentin Flushmount light (which we have on the exterior of the Storefront.)

Restoration Hardware Quentin Flushmount $289
Restoration Hardware Quentin Flushmount $289

I came home, and looked at them both side by side, and low and behold they are almost identical.

Lets compare:

The Rona light is 13″ wide and priced at $34.The base is slightly more fluted, and the metal is not quite as nice (in the photograph at least). The Rona light’s name “Contemporary” is rather silly, but hey it’s just a name.

The Restoration Hardware 13″ is $289. It is a slightly deeper light and the photograph is buckets better then the Rona one.


Rona all the way! You could get 8 of the Rona lights for the price of one RH light, and the difference is almost unnoticeable.


Rona "Contemporary" Outdoor Ceiling Fixture. $34.99
Rona “Contemporary” Outdoor Ceiling Fixture. $34.99

What do you think, would you splurge for the Restoration Hardware one, or take the Rona one and never look back?

Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

7 thoughts on “High/Low Exterior Lighting”

  1. There is a difference between the two fixtures – the Rona one has only one 60 watt bulb. Even the smaller of the two Restoration Hardware fixtures takes two 60 watt bulbs. Still, the Rona one is nice for the price. It just depends on how much light you want where you’re installing them.

  2. I have the Rona light outside and I love it. who knew it was a knock off. it was the only flush mount outdoor light that didnt look like it was from the 80’s

    1. Ugh I hate those 80’s inspired lights! Especially the sconce ones. We need some more outside lights for the back deck, and I found some great new barnlight fixtures at Rona as well. Very non 80’s.

      1. I’m the same. If the difference isn’t that much I will go with the expensive one in hopes that it will pay off in quality and lifespan but with this light, you can literally replace the Rona light every year for the next 8 years with the cost of the Restoration Hardware one. I mean, in 8 years you’re probably going to want a new light fixture anyway. 😉

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