Tool Wish List

If I asked most of my female friends what is on their birthday or Christmas wish list, most would say clothes, jewelry, shoes, books etc. You know, normal girl things. Don’t get me wrong, my most prized possession is my wedding Louboutin’s, but my wish list is full of things such as a table saw, Kreg jig and paint gun. Yes that’s right, if anyone was to knock at my door right now with a paint gun wrapped with a bow, I would jump up and down like a kid who got a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas.

When did my priorities change? When did I start spending my spare money on lumber instead of clothes? I guess it’s just that I love doing projects around the house. I have tremendous pride in myself when I have completed a project. I even said to El Granto the other day, that wouldn’t it be awesome if I had a job that was just doing DIY’s!? Figuring out problems, sourcing materials, and building. I would be in heaven. (but then probably nothing would get done around my own house!)

So here’s my wish list, whats on yours?

DeWALT 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

California Air Tools Gravity Fed Paint Gun

DeWALT Portable Table Saw

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Milwaukee BodyGrip Router

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  1. Matt
    Our tool wish lists are the same. I've wanted a pocket hole jig for years. I wanna make my own picture frames.
  2. A sander is definitely on my wish list. But we don't buy too many tools... the husband's family has so many tools, we may as well just borrow! Occasionally though, we do go browsing in the tool aisle of Home Depot...

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