Wedding Week – All the little things

There are a lot of big things in a wedding, the ceremony the family photos, the speeches and the dinner, but here here are some of the little wedding details. The things in the background, but not necessarily the stars of the show. The little things!

Menu’s – I wanted to do a round menu, but the cutting was going to be a ridiculous feat. Instead, we opted to print a square menu, double sided. One side contained the meal info, and the other had the bar menu. It was printed on semi-gloss cardstock. The corners were painstakingly rounded by the lovely El Granto.

Programs – We weren’t having a church wedding, so we just needed a simple program that explained the who’s who. It was again printed double sided, and corners rounded.

Dancing Shoes – I’m sad that I don’t have any pictures of this! We made a basket full of Dancing Shoes for the ladies that were in the women’s washrooms. The flip flops were tied with ribbon and contained a tag with their appropriate size. A sign donned the bag urging people to dance irresponsibly.

Custom Handkerchiefs for the Moms & Dads – We used our Silhouette SD to cut out text onto iron on vinyl. We custom made a hanky for all the parents with meaningful words. For instance, El Granto’s favorite book as a kid was “Love you Forever”. For El Granto’s Mum, Grant cut out this verse from the book “As long as I’m living my Mommy you’ll be. ” This garnered many tears from El Granto’s Mum, as well as any mother she showed it to. I even made one for El Granto that said “I want to grow old with you” from the Wedding Singer. It was our chance to be sappy.

Custom Wedding Arch – This was my Dad’s DIY contribution to the wedding. He built a wooden arch that could be assembled and disassembled in place in a matter of minutes. He even wired in an operating chandelier for over our heads during the ceremony. It was complete with billowy curtains and ribbons. He did an amazing job, and it was great to get married under such a lovely handmade gift. After the wedding, we hung the chandelier in our bedroom, so every night we sleep under the same light we got married under.

Wedding Dress Sash – This one was my Mom’s special project. I wanted a black sash to go with my black accessories, but black sashes were expensive and I didnt love any of the ones we found. My Mom sourced the same ribbon that was going on our cake, from Mokuba in Toronto. She steamed and pressed it, made the ends perfect points, and stayed the ends with a nail polish pen and oodles of patience.

The Socks: El Granto wanted some awesome socks for the boys, so all the guy’s (Dad’s included) had special socks. Here’s El Granto and his groomsmen showing them off.

The Harpist – We had a harpist for the ceremony and I have to say it was one of the most beautiful parts of the wedding. We spent an afternoon with him picking the songs for the whole ceremony, and now every time I hear a harp I think of the wedding!

The Rings: El Granto has an engraved tungsten carbide ring, and I have a diamond infinity band that matches my engagement ring. I love our rings!

The Candy Buffet: I don’t have pics of the candy buffet before it got eaten! Truth is, it wasn’t supposed to be put out until after dinner, but oops, it was unveiled before the cocktail reception. El Granto & I never even actually saw it! A ton of work went into it, and El Granto’s mum ran around the whole city buying tens of pounds of candy. Here are some pics of the aftermath!

My Shoes: My Mom & Dad gave me the gift that every girl wants, a pair of red soled Louboutins! I love these shoes, and I managed to wear them for 6, yes, SIX hours before trading them in for flip flops. LOVE

The Dress: I went to every dress store in the city and ended up with a custom made silk doupouani mermaid gown from Beckers Bridal. So happy I went with silk over a synthetic. It was unseasonably hot the day of the wedding, but I kept cool in my dress. And yes, I danced my butt off in it!

El Granto’s Cufflinks: El Granto may have cut his hair and trimmed his beard for the wedding, but he kept in his piercings, and he rocked a pair of skull and crossbones cufflinks.

The Flowers: I wanted a simple bouquet of white flowers, and our florist knocked it out of the park with a beautiful carnation bouquet (who knew carnations could be so pretty?!)

The Seating Chart: We used an Ikea frame and a custom poster for our seating chart. I made one typo; my new married name. Oops!

There were also a few things we didn’t get photos of, such as the signature cocktails, the custom cigars and matchboxes and the bathroom toiletries, the gift table and card birdcage. We tried to do as many little DIY’s as we could to make the day special.