Lazy DIY’er

I feel like I haven’t accomplished a darn thing in the last few weeks. I have been working, albeit slowly. Summer finally kicked in, and we’ve been sweltering the last week.  When it comes to working in a blisteringly hot garage with no windows, or sitting on the deck with a daiquiri….well you can guess which one wins out.

The projects we have been working on are slow and steady, but hard to show progress until they’re done. It’s one of those, put a coat of stain on, let it dry for a day, put another coat on, let it dry for another day, then a coat of poly, dry for a day, sand, another coat, repeat. Before I know it a week has went past and I really don’t have much to show for my work.

Stain FINALLY done...
Stain FINALLY done…

The other project we’re working on has come to a standstill as it requires more wood (aka a 8km walk to the lumber yard, in the sweltering heat for ONE BOARD.) Then it needs to be glued, and drilled, and glued again. Here’s a little sneak peek.

Gluing and Drilling
Gluin’ and Drillin’…

I feel like I want some instant gratification. Like I may have to paint something, just to show some progress!

What about you, got any projects halfway done? Are you a serial half–task-do’er?