In Print

It’s Saturday? YIKES. Not sure where this week went. Its been a busy busy last couple of weeks! I have lots to share with you guys, it’s just the act of me spending a few hours to edit photos, type up posts and hit that publish button that is catching me up.

So while I don’t have big updates for you today, I did want to share a little milestone!


Yes, that is MY kitchen, and wait for it…. my byline in the spring issue of HOSS magazine! It’s my first appearance in a print magazine both as a writer, and my home! In this issue I delve into a small DIY kitchen project. So RUN out and buy the Real Estate issue! Look for a hunky Scott McGillivray on the cover!


Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.48.54 PM

You can find copies at your local Chapers Indigo, Loblaws or Shoppers Drug Mart. Let me know what you think!