Planter Box Facelift?

Planter Box

Our first spring in the Storefront we built a cedar planter box at the front of the house to keep people from using our “front yard” as a sidewalk, and to keep people from peeping into our window. Its worked well, and I love having a mini garden out there to soften up the concrete landscape.

However, this spring our dear old planter is looking a bit, well shabby. The cedar has weathered into a muddy dirty grey colour, and isnt doing much for me. The spring bulbs have started poking out, but after someone stole my evergreen shrubs from the planter last summer, its a bit bleek.

Planter Box
The sad planter

The planter will get a load of new flowers, top dressing and some sort of evergreen plantings, but I am thinking of changing up the planter as well. The cedar has just seen better days.

In fact this is what it looked like brand new:

What the planter looked like when it was first built
What the planter looked like when it was first built

A whole lot better than the weathered dirty version I have now, right?

So what can I do to make it look a bit less ghetto? Here’s a couple options I am thinking of:

  • Sand the cedar and staining it with a cedar colored stain, so it looks a bit more like it used to.
  • Painting it dark grey to match the storefront. (although that may be a bit dark)
  • Staining it a darker wood color, something a bit more walnut.
  • Trimming it out to match the shaker style paneling of the house, and painting it a fun color (like lime?)

What do you think? Any other brilliant ideas? I need all I can get, throw them at me!


Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

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