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Our dog Odin is getting to the age where he’s starting to grow up, behave better, and thus is gaining our trust. We used to have to follow him room to room to ensure he wasn’t stealing things out of trash cans or laundry hampers. Now that he’s getting a bit more responsible, we’ve let him roam the house alone without worrying that the whole house isn’t puppy proofed. This was all going well until…

photo 4
Odin chilling on our bed

Last Saturday night I heard a ripping noise. I swiftly went to investigate and found this:

Yep, thats a GIANT hole in my duvet cover
Yep, that’s a GIANT hole in my duvet cover

Odin had tried to “dig” in our bed. He often will paw at his dog bed to make it somehow more comfortable, apparently he tried to do the same thing to our bed, and ripped our duvet cover.

We’re not talking a little tear, this is a rip about a foot wide, by 6″ in a perfect little rectangle. In the MIDDLE of my beloved West Elm Organic Pintuck Duvet cover. I say beloved as I hemmed and hawed for months before settling on the West Elm Pintuck in slate. I wanted something that would hide wrinkles (I wrestle with the covers, and you can often find me holding half the duvet in a death grip when morning arrives.) As I hate the look of a wrinkled on one corner duvet, the Pintuck was the perfect arrangement. It was also the first time I spent more that $50 on a duvet cover, having limited ourselves to Ikea cheapies for all of our college & rental days. It was my first “big kid” bed, and my first foray at sheets that had a thread count higher than 50, and a duvet cover that wouldn’t fall apart in the wash.

I loved that duvet cover...
I loved that duvet cover…

So now I’m back to square one. Do I put out the $150 and just replace my West Elm duvet cover? Or do I go for something new?

It needs to be:

  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Sturdy (able to stand up to our active pooch)
  • Wont show every dog hair
  • Not white (I am terrible with keeping white duvet covers looking perfect after the first few washes.)
  • Not too girly (this room is half El Granto’s and I already filled it with a purple headboard and damask wallpaper…)
  • Machine washable (really, people actually dry clean their duvet covers? Anthropologie seems to think s0.)

Here are some of my finds (although I don’t love any of them)

West Elm Arabesque $118
West Elm Arabesque $118
Crate & Barrell Marimekko $190
Crate & Barrell Marimekko $190
CB2 B R Z $109
CB2 B R Z $109
Ikea Vintranka $79
Ikea Vintranka $79
Ikea Lyckoax $59.99
Ikea Lyckoax $59.99
Ikea Gaspa $69.99
Ikea Gaspa $69.99
Ikea Nyponros $59.99
Ikea Nyponros $59.99
Bjornloka $49.99
Ikea Bjornloka $49.99

Any other suggestions? Or should I just replace it with another pintuck?

Glass half full: At least he didn’t eat my Louboutins…


Author: Kristen

Kristen & her husband El Granto & their Vizsla Odin live in a converted Storefront in downtown Toronto.

7 thoughts on “Bedroom Textiles Shopping”

  1. Hello,
    Is not a problem for you, that when your dog is sitting on your bed, then he is touching the bed with his anus? Dogs do noc clean their anus after defecation. Some parts of dog’s poo can be on your bed. On the poo are a lot of bacteria.

  2. I have the exact same dilemma but my West Elm duvet is the dandelion colour! I’ve noticed a small tear in mine and sadly a bleach stain. I’m leaning towards a linen duvet cover custom made by Tonic Living with the idea that it will last a little longer and evolve with any decor changes.

  3. fix it. turn it inside out, buy thread (not crap thread, but guitermann or equivalent (spelling might be off)) and do the world’s tiniest stiches–not the running type ones, but the ones where you go around and around, with no spaces left between stiches. once fixed, YOU might notice it, but probably (hopefully?) no one else will. it’s worth a shot–if you hate it, it’s not like you cannot go buy something else. and you can do it in front of the tv/computer 🙂

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